Conventions and trade shows are a fantastic opportunity for your company to network and/or be educated and updated about the newest innovations and news in your field.  Heartland  Trailways continues to provide charter bus transportation for groups and companies of all sizes from all over.  After all, no distance is too great when gaining the tools and pathways to expand your brand and/or become the best and brightest in your industry.

We will get you there safely and comfortably for a fun and memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

If your company is taking a team to present at a trade show, consider one of our roomy Luxury Heartland motor coaches to get you there and back.  Each one of our large motorcoaches is equipped with safe, secure, and spacious luggage bays to stow your tables and displays during your travels along with plenty of comfortable seats for your whole team.  You can even work on your way by taking advantage of our electrical outlets, WiFi, DVD player and flat screens, as well as seat by seat lighting to maximize your business travel time.

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